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Colour Script pages 1-14 [16 Jan 2010|05:18pm]

Script Under the cut!

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Colour Character DescriptionS [16 Jan 2010|02:46pm]
Alan Williams
Description Under the CutCollapse )

Franklin Rossi
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Dear Captain a word with you.... [30 Dec 2009|11:54am]

My systems gone and lost it's mind...

I need to start utilizing this thing more often, oh well.
Anyways pretty decent holiday season I suppose, got some cool gifts hungout with Will on his leave from the army, iatu practiced which made me happy and sad all at the same time...
And the new year is creeping up on me out of nowhere, this year has just flown by....time is taking it's toll on me...
Well with the new year hopefully I will go back to school and get my family off my back about it, working at the comic shop has made me want to start my own more so than ever!

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Happy Holidays [26 Dec 2009|09:16am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Good Christmas, got some cool stuff...
and my comic collection is better than yours!

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Fuck you [07 Dec 2009|11:41am]

I'm tired of having to cater to morons and jackasses, it's part of daily routein at this point, cellular sales suck because I have to deal with every backwards ass retard in the state, and frankly I hate everyone ESP customers, fucking douchebags can get fucked!

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BATMAN: Arkham Asylum Game [19 Aug 2008|07:36am]
The cover for this months issue of Game Informer features a rather amazing picture of the Joker! and the article about the game is def worth checking out!
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KILLAUDIO [16 Jul 2008|08:09pm]

The Second Comic series by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez. Here's the few pages that have been released for it so far!
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CoLOur: Character Summeries [21 May 2008|06:52pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Main Characters:

Alan Williams
Age: 26
Average height, around 5'9"
Alan suffers from insomnia and sleeps barely 15 hours a week, resulting in constant bags under his eyes.
Very organized, owning 14 sets of the same outfit.
Alan is a Detective by Ocupation, having worked as such for the past 10 months.
Alan mainly keeps to himself in his one room apartment.
His only hobby to speak of is collecting books on various subjects.
Drinks extremely large amounts of coffee and caries a flask of wiskey in his coat pocket that he never drinks.

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Rednecks... [14 Mar 2008|09:50am]
are a breed of creature that should be wiped from the face of the earth FOREVER...they are a terrible brood...  
They come into my store and expect us to do WHATEVER they want no matter how UNREASONABLE it is....
and they just make such outrageous claims sometimes, which in part is due to the stupidity and years of inbreeding that I'm sure they we're spawned from....
also....I hate country music....folk music is good, but country music is TRASH taht should be burned...
anyways...enough of this nonsense....
More work on my walking dead leg piece today!
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LIFE AFTER THE CAPE [21 Feb 2008|05:09pm]

So Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be using alot of my free time writing on here, why you might ask?
Once again I've stepped back on the horse of Writing Comic Books, I've matured alot since my last few attempts and I've finally decided to start using my brain and all that to make something worth while instead of the normal madness that dribbles out of it, I love comedy, but it seems my writing style might be a little more suited for the Dramatic.

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Happy Valentines Day [14 Feb 2008|09:21am]
[ mood | loved ]

Happy Valentines Day to all of you fools out there!

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Feb. 10th 2008 [12 Feb 2008|06:22pm]

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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note to self [01 Feb 2008|11:37am]

Gatekeeper Hobbies
4123 SW Gage Center Dr Ste 100
Topeka, KS 66604
(785) 232-3429 


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OH THE MADDNESS!? [01 Feb 2008|11:01am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Just a random post, things that are on my very sick mind...
 Starters...I want Daria to be on DVD...I have a terrible craving to sit down and watch it, same goes for Clone High....
Since moving into my new house I've been having a great time.
heh...except last night....I spent 30 to 45 mins making my character on Rock Band....only to find out afterwards...that he can only be used as a drummer because that was what I had hooked up at the moment...needless to say I was crushed....

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BLEH.....Clatto Verata Nicto. [17 Jan 2008|06:15pm]
Song Title Ideas for Ashley J. Williams
Broken Helix
Hatred of a Minute
Within the Woods
 more later

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And my Icon.... [08 Dec 2007|02:18pm]
explains my feelins at this very moment in time.... 

So, apparently its ok for people to lurk around and snoop on people......
well thats so wrong, what I say or write in the heat of the moment shouldn't be the bassis of someones thoughts on me....I'm really tired of the whole situation and I'm going to tell her myself....
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I'm a Musician [08 Dec 2007|11:53am]

I want to make some weird music, but I am lacking in 2 things,
1. FUNDS, so that I can buy some of the instruments I want to learn to use
2. Free Time to make the music, I already started the project, Ashley J. Williams
should be awesome once we get a song or two recorded, its all just for fun, something I can make that is the complete opposite of IATU.

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Chapter Three: the Night the Trapper Died [03 Dec 2007|05:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]


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Chapter Two: Of Doctors & Devices [03 Dec 2007|02:54pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]




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Chapter One: An Immaculate Birth & the Death of a Whore... [03 Dec 2007|10:39am]
[ mood | creative ]

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