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So Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be using alot of my free time writing on here, why you might ask?
Once again I've stepped back on the horse of Writing Comic Books, I've matured alot since my last few attempts and I've finally decided to start using my brain and all that to make something worth while instead of the normal madness that dribbles out of it, I love comedy, but it seems my writing style might be a little more suited for the Dramatic.

As it goes, I've always loved comics, ever since I was a kid, I mostly strayed away from the Super Heroes of Marvel and DC and tended to lean more in favor towards the indie comics, well except Batman, he was different, he was a superhero without super human abilities, he had an amazing brain, and a crap load of money, but mostly his brain is what made him stand out, unlike fellow million/billionaire Tony Starke....and as of late I've been getting into the whole superhero thing I guess you could say, mostly thanks to two comics, "Invicible" by Robert Kirkman (Huge Kirkman fan, the Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Battle Pope, just to name a few), and "the Boys" by Garth Ennis (of Preacher fame). Both comics envolving Superheroes but not always as the Glorified creatures they usually are.
Which recently today got me thinking about a few things, my love of story telling and comic books, why so many times I had attempted some sort of ridiculous ambition of writing a story, but I've always preferred comicbooks over books, although I do like both, I'm the son of a family of Artist, what can I say....
Anyways....I like the darker side of superheroes, and my story is going to focus on a superhero that has lost his super powers, an over used plot device used in alot of story archs by Marvel and DC, but they always have some sort of saving grace and regain what they lost, well what if they didn't. This story is about the later, a man once a powerful crime fighting superhero, saving the world from the terrors it face, blah blah blah...anyways, our "hero" isn't handling the situation that well, he's depressed, he forgets sometimes that he's lost his powers and attempts to do what is right only to realise that he's now just an average human...and again moving with the dark motive, alot of the supporting characters that are Superheroes aren't exactly "friendly" or that moral in regards to how they hold themselves, and see our fallen hero, he becomes some what of a joke to them.
Everything in his life seems to be going down the hole, loosing his powers, his wife and child, the only person that seems to have any sort of sempathy he seems to be receiving is from his therapist, even his fish dies, the man is just not having a very happy life.....
Anyways, I'll be posting my ideas on here, maybe....I don't know if putting them on the internets is the greatest idea ever, but hey I get bored at work easily....
currently, the title in the works is, "Life After the Cape"
I'm shooting for 6 32 page issues, I know enough artist to where I should be able to get somebody on board for the project.

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