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Colour Character DescriptionS

Alan Williams
Age: late 20s
Height: Six foot
Apearance: Slender build, almost sickly thin, sunken eyes and heavy bags underneath, pale complextion, shaggy dark reddish brown hair, slight stuble.
Clothing: White dress shirt with pocket on the left side, Black dress pants, black dress shoes, socks, belt, and sport coat, shoulder holster for his firearm. he keeps his badge in the left breast of his coat.

Behavior, History, & Habbits: Alan has a problem with insomnia which he self induces through sleep deprivation and self medication, mainly due to a childhood trauma, he suffers from somniphobia (a feaer of sleeping). He is often messy and unkempt. A bit of a wise ass at times and a dark sense of humor. He only drinks Coffee (generally in large amounts), occasional smoker, addicted to caffine pills, which he often carries a bottle of them in his pocket.
The "childhood trauma": Alan was abducted when he was six years old accidentally, being mistaken for the son of a senator who's class he shared. Upon discovering their mistake, they threw Alan into an old army foot locker, disposing of it in an alley way. Alan was found 3 days later by a homeless man. When the paramedics arived alan was catatonic, remaining in a coma like state for almost 2 months. The years that followed, Alan suffered from chronic night terrors and "visions" of horrific events. He attended many forced therpy sessions in an attempt to help him. 

Reference Images: For Clothing and Apearance.

Franklin Rossi
Age: Late 40s
Height: Six Foot Four
Apearance: Overweight, large gut, large mustache, often hunches over making him seem shorter, short brown hair, large sideburns.
Clothing: Usually a long sleaved dress shirt with a plaid vest, brown trousers and matching sports coat. on occasion he has an overcoat that he wears. He has a side holster for his firearm. Often wears a Twead drivers cap.

Behavior, History, & Habbits: Prefers to go by Frank, his wife being the only one who calls him Franklin. Chronic chain smoker, smokes cigars as well. Has been married to his wife for 15 years, 2nd marriage, no kids or pets.
Frank is often loud and obnoxious, making his opinion known to anyone who ask and sometimes those that don't. Frequents strip clubs, but not for the strippers, he has a strange love of bar food. Over all a friendly guy.
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