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Colour Script pages 1-14

Script Under the cut!

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 1 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: a Wall covered in 22 Bloody hand prints.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Close up on a pair of eyes with large bags underneath staring.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Three: Close up of Panel One.

1 CAP: …Dammit…

Panel Four: Close up on same pair of eyes, this time almost squinting, straining.

2 Cap: …Focus Dammit…

Panel Five: Close up on same pair of eyes this time wide open.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Six: Original View from Panel one minus the hand prints.

3 Cap: …That’s better…

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 2 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: a Close up of hands holding a steaming cup of coffee in a plain looking mug.
  Bare arms are resting on black dress pants and the slightly on the arm of an old recliner.

4 CAP: ...It's 2:27am and I'm on my 6th cup of the black Columbian...

5 CAP: ...I'm not sure what day it is...

Panel Two: Pull back to show the character sitting in the same position still grasping the cup in both hands.
  A clearer view of the room is made. Next to the chair is a small circular table level with the arm of the recliner,
  On top of it is a book, opened, the spine facing up. In the background you can see bookshelves.
  The character in the chair is staring at the blank wall in front of him, no real expression on, lost in thought. Character is slender, wearing black dress pants, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a black neck tie, and black socks and dress shoes.

6 CAP: ...I've been sleeping less and less these days, although it doesn't seem to be affecting my job...

7 CAP: ...It’s been six days now...at least I think it’s been six? It’s hard to keep count...

8 CAP: ...Not that it matters much, in eight hours I'll be at the station,
 Drinking coffee at my desk while I watch Frank chain smoke a pack and hack up half a lung....

Panel Three: Character takes a drink the rest of the cup of coffee. No Dialogue.

Panel Four: Character holds cup upside down with his right arm to see that it is once again empty an
  Almost dissatisfied look on his weary face, the left arm rest lazily on the arm of the recliner almost hanging off,
  Left leg standing straight while the right is out stretched at an angle, head tilted slightly to the right,
  Point of view is from the left side.

9 Alan: Beautiful...

10 CAP: ...make that seven cups...

Panel Five: a view of the character looking over his shoulder, glaring at the sight of an empty coffee pot.  A narrow shot from the chair to the kitchen, you can see half of the empty coffee pot.
       No Dialogue.

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 3 /Grant Robertson

Panel One:  a pull back from the previous shot to reveal 5 more coffee makers and pots on the counter top, 4 filled Leaving 2 empty. The Kitchen area is pretty plain, nothing out of place, Very clean except for the numerous coffee stains on the counter and floor. Tiled floor, 3 cabinets under the counter top and 4 above, all wood.
Only color in shot are the “on” lights on the coffee makers.

11 CAP: …My name is Alan Williams…

Panel Two: a close up full body shot of Alan walking towards the kitchen, holding the dangling coffee mug in his right hand while his left rest lazily in his pants pocket.

12 CAP: …I’m a Detective…

13 CAP: …I Detect…

CoLOur Chapter One: Getting Caught Red Handed

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 4 /Grant Robertson

Panel One:  Wide panel shot down the hallway, from the windows POV, light is shining in through the window, on the left of the hall there is a slightly open door, too dark to see anything in it, and a little further down a double door closet, the kind with wooden horizontal slats going across. On the right side a simplistic bicycle next to a bookshelf.
In the background is a clear shot of the Recliner and coffee table next to it, the table is bare. You can also view the front door of the one room apartment.
No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Wide Panel Cut to a shot of the hallway outside of the apartment. Doors on all sides, spaced out accordingly, Alan’s apartment number is 33, its on the far end of the hallway on the left hand side, the shot is from an unknown characters POV.

14 CAP: …It’s 9:00 am and here I am again coming to fetch the kid…

15 CAP: …God I hope he slept last night…

- Make some sort of distinction between the captions here and the captions seen previously. The distinction should be shown in the how the caption boxes are presented.-

Panel Three Through Eight: Are Alternating shots of the two hallways getting closer and closer to their respective doors.
Sound effects of walking should be shown in the hallway outside of the apartment.

Panel Three, Panel Five, and Panel Seven are of the hallway outside of the apartment.

Panel Four, Panel Six, and Panel Eight are of the inside of the apartment

Panel Nine: Is an extreme close up of the peep hole on the inside of the apartment looking out into the hall, a shadowy figure wearing a hat, its to dark to distinguish any sort of features.
No Dialogue.

Panel Ten: a Close up shot of the door on the outside of the apartment, Door reads, “33”.
No Dialogue.

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 5 /Grant Robertson

Panel One:  An over the shoulder shot of the “shadowy” figure in the hall standing in front of the apartment door, character is wearing a trench coat and a hat.
No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Same over the shoulder shot, but the “shadowy” figure is knocking with his right hand on the door.
No Dialogue.
Knocking Sound FX

Panel Three: Ariel shot of Alan laying awake on his bed staring at the ceiling.
No Dialogue.

Panel Four: Side shot facing Alan turning on his side.
No Dialogue.

Panel Five: Alan’s POV, staring at the clock on his bedside, the clock reads “9:04am”.

16 CAP: …He’s early…

Panel Six: Ariel shot of Alan sitting up on the bed.
No Dialogue.

Panel Seven: Side shot Over Alan’s shoulder, head slightly tilted in the direction of the door, bending down at the waist reaching under the bed.
Knocking sound FX

17 Frank: “Alan, open up.”

Panel Eight: Frank standing in the hallway, holding his hat in his right hand and running his left through his unkempt hair. Frank is wearing glasses, the lens on the right is slightly cracked, he has a Mustache.

18 Frank: “Hey Kid, Open Up!”

19 CAP: …I hate it when he calls me kid…

20 Alan:  “I’m up hold on…”

21 Frank: “Christ kid, we got a goddamn blood bath on 12th, looks like the whole damn Sunday school choir.”

Panel Nine: Close up on Alan’s face smirking.

22 CAP: …Nothing says Sunday Mass like someone being murder…

23 Alan: “Twelfth? St. Catherine’s right?”

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 6 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: Side Shot of Alan walking from the bed towards the door. His head tilted slightly to the right, his left arm raised his hand gripping the side of his neck.
No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Alan Opening the door frank is putting his hat back on.

24 Frank: “Get your shit, we’re late to the scene already”

Panel Three: Frank pushing his way past Alan into the apartment.

25 Alan: “I’ll grab my coat.”

26 Frank: “I’m gonna grab a cup of joe right quick kid.”

Panel Four: Alan walking towards the closet, Frank walking towards the kitchen.

27 Alan: “Knock yourself out!”

Panel Five: Alan pulling his coat out of the closet.
No Dialogue.

Panel Six: Frank staring at the five empty coffee pots and the slightly open cabinet above it filled with bags of coffee beans.

28 Frank: “I take it you didn’t catch a wink last night again.”

Panel Seven: Alan standing in front of the kitchen entrance looking at frank while he pulls his coat, a plain black sports jacket, up towards his shoulders.

29 Alan: “Twelfth is 20 blocks away, lets get going.”

30 Frank: “Coffee, would have been nice…”

31 Alan: “I’ll buy you a cup on the way.”

32 Frank: “Deal.”

Panel Eight: the door to the apartment closing.
 No Dialouge.

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 7 /Grant Robertson

Panel One:  Close up on Frank lighting a cigar.
33 Frank: " Jesus Christ..."

Panel Two: Alan and Frank standing at the crime scene, staring at the bloody mess. Frank is smoking his cigar, Alan is facing the direction of an officer. the door is behind them, police tape across it, an officer standing in front of it. the officer that is facing Alan is kneeling down over a bloody blanket on the floor covering one of the corpses, slightly lifting it to see underneath. Officer's name is Jim.

34 CAP: ...Calling this a murder scene wouldn't do it justice, this was a massacre. I've seen slaughter houses less bloody than this...

35 Alan: "How many dead Jim?"

36 Jim: "Well thats the thing...Theres only one body...12 hands."

37 Alan: "What?"

Panel Three: Alan kneeling down opposite Jim, Jim pulling the sheet back to reveal a headless female corpse with missing hands (the sign for Infinity, a sideways 8, carved into her chest), surrounded by the twelve sets of hands in a pool of blood. Frank turning his head, trying to avert his eyes. (Use Color in this panel, red blood)

38 Frank: "Holy Shit Jim, put that sheet back down."

39 Alan: "Shut up Frank. Where the hell is the Head?"

40 Jim: "No clue, none of the hands match the body either..."

41 Frank: "This is some sick shit boys. *sigh* Any Idea who the body belongs to?"

42 Jim: "We're assuming its Natascha Park the Sunday school teacher, she's been missing for about 3 weeks."

43 CAP: ...This just got interesting...

Panel Four: Alan walking out the door, the officer holding the police tape and pulling it back, standing to the side of the door on the right. Frank still standing turning to look in Alan's direction, pulling the cigar out of his mouth, Jim pulling the sheet back over the body.

44 Frank: "Kid, where you going?"

45 Alan: "I'm off to see a man about a head."

46 CAP: ...Edgar was the type of sleaze I assume would be involved in something like this...

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 8 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: Shot of Alan walking down an alley way, pretty dirty area, a dumpster towards the other end, on the left.

47 CAP: ...Edgar Cast, petty drug peddler, pornographer, informant, all around dirty rat. However, the yellow bird sings. I like to keep a close eye on the cowardly bastard, he's always so full of information and my gun in his mouth tends to help loosen up those lips with whatever little tid bits of info I might need....

48 CAP: ...These days, all I have to do is gently slide my steel out of my shoulder holster...

Panel Two: Alan Standing in front of the dumpster at the end of the alley way.

49 CAP: ...No reason to play this as usual...

Panel Three: Shot of Alan sliding his gun out of the shoulder holster out from under his jacket with his right hand, gun holster located on the left side of the body and lifting the lid of the dumpster with the left.

50 CAP: ...*sigh* I hate myself for loving this part...

Panel Four: Alan jumping into the dumpster.
 No Dialogue .

Panel Five: Alan staring at the set of stairs in the dumpster.

51CAP: ...The Stench is a bit overwhelming, I've smelled corpses worse than this...

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 9 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: Alan's foot in motion to hit edgar, a middle aged, fat man in a long sleeved plaid shirt and jeans, in the back of the head. Edgar is looking down looking at a magazine. You can see prison tattoos on his knuckles of his right hand that say "kill" crudely written.
No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Alan's foot making contact with the back of edgars head. you see edgars mouth fly open with pain, his eyes bulging, a mixture of spit and blood spurt out of his mouth.

52 CAP: ...A shrink tried to anlyze me once about my insomnia...

53 CAP: ...Asked me if I thought it might be job related...

Panel Three: Alan holding Edgar up by his shirt neck, and thrusting his gun into edgars mouth. a look of utter pain and fright on edgars face, tears slightly swelling in the corners of his eyes.

54 CAP: ...I told her she was out of her mind...

55 Alan: "Good Morning Mr. Cast! How's my favorite piece of human garbage doing today?"

56 CAP: ...I love my job...

Panel Four: Alan standing over Edgar taking his jacket off, Edgar massaging his jaw with one arm and supporting himself with his other arm.

57 Alan: "We need to have a little talk about the little incident this morning at St. Catherines."

58 Edgar: "Your one sick bastard Williams! Who do you think you are just waltzing in here..."

Panel Five: Alan rolling up his sleeves, looking down as edgar slowly makes his way up.

59 Alan: "Shut up Cast! How about you open up that gaping hole in your face and tell me what I want to hear before I widen it with my Beretta."

60 CAP: ...He's keeping quiet...that makes me feel a little nervous...

61 Edgar: "*hack* What the hell are you talking about Williams?"

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 10 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: FLASH TO A NEW LOCATION: An odd looking fellow in a catholic priest outfit, small beady eyes, a long face, and a strange bowl like hat. The "Priest" is standing over a strange statue of the virgin marry holding an multi-eyed Ouroboros with a pentagram in the center, with an infinity symbol in the center of that as well, his arms are outstretched, holding a rosary in each hand. Shot from above and from the side.

62 CAP: ...Elsewhere...

63 "Priest": (singing)"Jesus Loves the little children, all the children of the world..."

Panel Two: Shot facing the "Priest" from the statues perspective, a sickening grin on his face, you can see two small children, a boy and a girl, bound and gagged on the floor behind him, fear in their eyes, tears falling down their faces.

64 "Priest": " HAHAHAHA!"

65 "Priest": "He may love the children...but not as much as I plan on loving them...I've got plans for you two, so smile children!"

Panel Three: The "Priest" bending down in front of the children caressing their heads, one in each hand, the smile widening.

66 "Priest": "Jesus loves you and He would never let anything bad happen to you...would he now?"

67 SOUND FX/Children: Crying noises

Panel Four: A close up on the "Priest" face smiling, his eyes gleaming, you can see the frightened expressions of the children reflecting back.
No Dialogue.

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 11 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: Flash to Alan walking out of edgar's "lair", who is looking pretty roughed up and slumped  
                 on the floor in a pool of a mixture of blood and vomit. Alan is holding his coat, almost dragging
      it, in his left hand.

68 Alan: "*sigh* Well you were a BIG help Cast..."

69 CAP: ...This city is going to hell and Edgar is just another hive minded vermin infesting the streets...

Panel Two: Close up of Alan's eyes wide open.

70 CAP: ...I could really use a drink, I'm starting to feel that nagging feeling pulling at my eyes...

Panel Three: Close up Alan's eyes closed.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Four: Close up of Alan's eyes half way open, one eyebrow slightly lifted.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Five: Alan is standing in front of a seedy looking strip club/bar called, "The Succubus". Alan's hands are in his pockets,
      his coat is hanging over his right arm, his sleeves still rolled up.

71 CAP: ..."The Succubus"...seems pretty apty named...

72 Alan: "Heh.."

73 Cap: ...the great watering hole of the damned...I'm liable to finding something of interest in there...

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 12 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: Shot at a horizontal angel of Alan standing in the door open with his left hand, coat still hanging from his right arm,
      you can see the bar to the right and the stage to the left, a topless girl is sliding down a pole upside down, some drooling
      looser sitting up front (Glasses, Over weight, Balding, litterally drooling) sitting up front staring very intently, a business
      man drinking a beer out of a bottle near the side of the stage, slumping down as if not to be seen. Over by the bar,
      a skinhead punk staring down at the bar, his elbows resting on the bar and grasping a can of PBR inbetween his hands.
      (See Page Twelve Cont. For Discription of the Skinhead Punk), a not so young and or fresh looking woman sitting at the end
      of the bar smoking a cigarette holding it to her mouth with her left hand while she supports the weight of her head on her
      right hand, which the elbow is resting on the bar, the bartender has his back to her while he opens up a bottle, he's a big
      fellow, shoulder length black hair and a large bushy beard, not quite fat but not skinny or muscular, just bulky. Near the bar
      the bouncer is sitting on a stool, he's a midget with a bad toupee and a large chain around his neck, he looks like he works
      out alot, he's Pointing his tiny hand at Alan.

74 CAP: ...And here I thought this was going to be a fruitless trip, but low and behold there sits a ripe piece waiting to be plucked...

75 Midget: "It's $10 chump or you can take your happy ass out the same way you came in."

76 CAP: ...I hate when they have a complex...

Panel Two: The midget is now standing next to his stool his hand outstretched as Alan hands him the money while in mid stride, a single $10 bill, heading towards the bar, looking at the bartender.

77 Alan: "Coffee, black."

Panel Three: Alan sitting down at the bar, setting his coat down next to him on the bar, there are some bar napkins sitting nearby, the skinhead is two stools down still in the same position, the bartender is setting the coffee down in front of Alan.

78 CAP: ..."Danny Boy", the piece of human waste skinhead sitting down wind of me, heh...
      seems odd for a pedophile to be hanging out in a skin joint like this..

79 Bartender: "That it?"

80 Alan: "I'll have to get back with you on that..."

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 13 /Grant Robertson

Panel One: The bar tender sets the the coffee down in front of Alan. the girl at the end of the bar is hacking up a lung,
       bits of it flying out with flem, the skinhead is rubbing the back  of his head with his left hand.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Alan is sipping coffee with one hand and reaches for one of the bar napkins near by.  the woman at the
      end of the bar has returned to smoking her cigarette, the bar tender sets a martini down in front of her.
      the skinhead is taking a sip from his beer.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Three: Alan is sipping the coffe still, now writing on the napkin. the woman is sipping on  her martini,
        the bar tender is out of the shot, the skinhead is once again holding his  beer in both hands,
        held slightly to his forehead, his head hung low.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Four: Alan, while sipping his coffee, passes the note he had written on the bar napkin over  to the
      skinhead who is still in the same pose, the woman is now rolling her finger lazily around the rim
      of the martini glass, bar tender is the shot wiping down the back counter.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Five: Alan, still in the foreground of the shot sipping his coffee, the skinhead is grabbing the note with
      a puzzeled look on his face. the bartender is pouring a shot, the woman is drinking her martini.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Six: Alan, same pose as before, the bartender is drinking the shot, raising his arm over his head almost,
    the woman pushing her empty martini glass away from her, the skinhead is holding the note in both his hands,
    the beer he was drinking fallen to the bar spilling out, he's looking extremely agitated and upset.
 No Dialogue.

CoLOur #1: "Getting Caught Red Handed" page 14/Grant Robertson

Panel One: The skinhead gets up knocking his stool over, the bartender and girl are looking shocked at the scene that he's causing.
      Alan is still sitting, drinking his coffee calmly as if nothing had happened.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Two: Shot changes to face Alan and the skinhead leaning in to the right close glaring at Alan.
 No Dialogue.

Panel Three: A close up on the skinhead’s mouth next to Alan’s ear.
 81 Danny Boy (Skinhead): “Think your funny asshole?”

 82 CAP: …I say nothing, keeping my cool, it will just make him angrier and stupider…

 83 CAP: …and by God, do I love a good laugh…

Panel Four: Changing the shot angle back to showing a side shot of Alan, the skinhead in the background raising his arms over his head shouting at Alan, Alan is laughing. The Bartender is moving towards the note that was left on the bar. The girl is falling backwards off her stool.
 84 Danny Boy: “Speak you Pile of…”

 85 Alan: HAHAHAHAHA…”

 86 CAP: …I just couldn’t hold it in any longer…His frustration just adds to the amusement…

Panel Five: You see the note being held in the bartenders hand. It’s a crudely drawn stick figure version of the skinhead having sex with a goat.
 No Dialogue.



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