Zombie Unicorn (zombieunicorn) wrote,
Zombie Unicorn

Chapter One: An Immaculate Birth & the Death of a Whore...

In the back alley, an abomination, one of many to have occurred, an infant ripped from the shelter of the womb and tossed asunder in disregard, that hairy beast with such ferocity and blinding unknown rage, The Watchman peered through the holes in the fence in hushed morbid awe, the sound of the drained collection of the dark red life that was moments earlier keeping the poor girl animated before the thrust of a malformed mechanism through her coffer made of flesh and bone. 
The Sickening smile raked across the sullen face of the man who was more beast than human. In taking the umbilical chord and wrapping it around her porcelain neck he proceeded to drag his prize away into the night, no care to be had, as if what he had just done was completely normal in every sense of the word. The town slept on in silence as the transgressions of the Beast went on in their perverse glorious iniquity. 
The Watchman crept from his hiding place and cautiously moved toward the shrill high-pitched squeals of the malevolent infant that was tossed to the wayside by the Hideous Fiend. "What a way to enter the world...", the Watchman sighed to himself as he lifted the crying child into his arms, "And on News Years of all Nights...", his gaze turning to the corpse of the young woman on laying Sprawled across the dingy ill lit passage. "What a waste, such a pretty thing.", the lack of surprise, in regards to the events that had just transpired, on the Watchmans face would have been shocking to outsiders, but to the local townsfolk, this was begining to become a trend as of late, this was the fifth of these gruesome macbre crimes, however this was the first child to have lived from the ordeal. "Well boy, your either blessed or cursed, but you lived and thats whats important I suppose, best be getting you to the Doctor." as the Watchman mused and walked away from the grisly scene towards the good Doctors abode. 

Chapter One End....
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