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Chapter Two: Of Doctors & Devices



A ferocious banging on the front door downstairs awoke the poor doctor nearly giving the aged man a heart attack. Feeling around on his night stand for the pocket watch he had discarded on it before making his way under the covers of his bed, upon finding it he groggily whipped the sleep from his eyes and read the time, becoming a little more than irritated that he was being roused from his wondrous dreams at three in the morning. After snatching up his robe and taking his time to fasten it closed he made his way slowly down the stairs and through the hallway towards the front of his Office, which was located on the first floor, the second floor being used as his home, edging closer to the door, the Doctor grasped the handle of the door and the handle of the cane that was leaning near the door in his hands. As he opened the door, the Watchman burst in, nearly knocking the elderly Doctor to the ground.

“Doctor, there’s been another one, but…the child’s still breathing!’ the Watchman shot out in a short breath. The Doctor still trying to get a grip on the situation, “Slow your tongue Virgil! What has happened?”, the Doctor motions for the Watchman to follow him into the examination room. “I saw it…I mean I saw him…hell, I don’t know what it was Doctor…Seemed more animal than man…the Killer sir! The one that’s been committing all of those murders, slashing up those whores in the night!” the Watchman flustered as he tried to explain what had happened to the Doctor. The Doctor taking the infant from the Watchman, carefully as possible, and placed him on the cold wooden examination table, which also served as the Doctor’s kitchen table, “Let me look at him.”, the Doctor half barked out, “Well seems like he’s going to live, that’s good. I’ll look him over more thoroughly while you go fetch the Inspector!”, the Watchman stood motionless for a moment as if he didn’t understand what the Doctor had just told him, “Get a Move on Virgil, we don’t have time for your idiocy!”, shouting the Doctor proceeded to kick the Watchman in the leg at which he was brought back to reality and left as quickly as his legs would carry him. Shouting after the Watchman, the Doctor exclaimed, “Fetch the Coroner as well, lad!”, peering down at the blood soaked child the Doctor mumbled to himself, “Well boy…it seems that you have lived, let us hope that this is the end of the carnage that has been plaguing this town of ours.”.


Chapter Two End….


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