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Chapter Three: the Night the Trapper Died

Elsewhere on the outskirts of the town, abominations and ungodly transgressions against man and God were taking place. The Beast upon returning to its home took his trophy and hung it from the rafters next to the other four corpses that he had claimed as prizes from his previous night’s work over the past two months. For what purpose was he planning was unknown, perhaps even to himself. A seemingly normal man, he had been a trapper for many years, working his way through the wilderness, working in his “barbaric” occupation as it was view by most in civilized society, until he ventured into a northern region he wasn’t familiar with, he found himself lost, something that was not common for a man of his profession, when he came across a bright meadow clearing bathing in the moonlight, a young maiden, couldn’t have been more than 16 years of age, a mere child, not wanting to reveal the predicament that he was in he eased his way towards the girl. Her sudden movement, turning back with piercing eyes as if boring holes into the mans soul, he stops dead in his tracks gazing at the beauty that lay before him, such as he had only heard of in drunken bar room tales. “Sir, your strong frame frightens and excites me.”, snapping back into reality the Trapper stammered out a response, “I..I…I’m s.ss, sorry I fri…frightened you, mmmiss. I was actually on my way to the next town when I came across you, no harm intended ma’am, honest.”, genuinely trying not the frighten the young girl, as if thinking out loud the Trapper mused, “Ain’t it odd for a young girl like that to be out here in the middle of the n…” the Trapper was cut short, as the girl had some how managed to make her way directly in front of him. Startled by the girl’s sudden movement and his own lack of movement, he was stunned, paralyzed in place, the girl wrapped her arm around his neck and pulling her tiny frame up till her mouth reached his ear, whispering unheard secrets into his frail mind. Loosening her grip she slid down to her feet, upon hitting the ground, the Trapper no longer frozen in his spot proceeds to take his knife and impale the young girl on it, draping what’s left of her small body on over his shoulder and in chilling silence walked back in the direction he had come from, with whatever unholy machinations the girl had bestowed to him.


Chapter Three End….


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